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Information Collection:

1. Information which is made available by you publically.

2. Information about your visits to our website.

3. Information about the services you use here, And how frequently you use them.

4. Your IP addresses, ISP information. (Which is publically available)

5. We may use cookies.

-> How your information is used?

This collected information is used to:

1. Communicate with you and respond to your queries.

2. Make sure that no malicious activity, Spam, mis-use of our services, or Abuse is done here.

3. Make sure that you are having a secure environment.

We may change our policy time to time.

Attention Notification: Dear respectable users its our request to all our web chat site users that dont share your's personal information with any strangers chatter in chat room we are not responsible of your any lost so take care of ur self and beaware from Strangers, stay blessed and enjoy your chatting with strangers

What can you do at Chatnow mobi?

in chatnow for mobile chat room you can do everything what you have in your mind, all appropritae things are allowed in this chat room, you can talk with strangers on video calls and voice chat by using Webcam and microphone many more things, you can share your pics/videos easily and quickly its signup free without registration web chat site for chatters. is secured and safe place for chatters, because we have moderators 24/7 online to take care of users, admins/operators always looks at the main chat to safe people from other bad users who send bad things on main to disturb decent chatters, so guys not to worry because all the time our best admins are be available in chat room to helps the people regards chatroom, we will try our best to give you enviornment as like your home, so stay blessed and enjoy your chatting with us.